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We don't track you personally, and we don't show you ads. Our focus is on creating great software for you while protecting your privacy.

To help us make better software for everyone, we do measure anonymously how the product is used. We don't identify you from these usage measurements, nor do we believe we could.

The only way we'd know who you are is if you contact us—and we love hearing from you! Feel free to reach out at with any questions or feedback on this or anything else.

Your friends at Hedron Vision
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Hedron Vision

P.S. We may need to update this letter as the product grows. If so, we'll keep it updated right here at You've probably noticed that we don't force you to create an account or provide your email—that helps protect your privacy but prevents us from emailing everyone when we make changes. You're always welcome to check back here for updates, and we'll assume you're happy from your continued use of the software.